Zarnish Khan mocks all female celebrtities, ‘they look like duck’ after lips surgery

Zarnish Khan has been quite in the headlines these days, as she continues to express her opinion. Earlier, she bashes at Alizey Shah by complimenting her being ‘badtameez’ and would win the competition of being rude.

During the interview of the VoiceOver Man, Zarnish Khan mocks all female celebrities, says ‘they all look like ducks’ after lips surgery.

While talking to the interviewer, Khan said, “I’ve never thought about getting my face changed. Even if you see me after ten years, I’ll look the same,” she declared before adding.

“Sorry but I don’t want duck lips. all of our actresses have become ducks. They used to be so beautiful I don’t know what’s happened to them now,” and started mocking.

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