Zaira Wasim Sheds Light On The Kashmir Issue

On Tuesday,4th February 2020, ‘The Sky Is Pink’ on-screen character, Zaira Wasim sheds light on the Kashmir issue and took to social media to share the situation of occupants of Kashmir. Given the Kashmir Day is directly around the bend, she wrote down a detailed post, talking about how Indian occupied Kashmir keeps on existing ‘and endure’.

She expressed, “Kashmir keeps on misery and see-saw among expectation and dissatisfaction. There’s a bogus and uncomfortable similarity to serenity instead of heightening despondency and distress. Kashmiris proceed to exist and endure in reality as we know it where it is so natural to put limitations on our freedom. For what reason do we need to live in a world where our lives and wills are controlled, directed and twisted?” scrutinized the young protégé.

Zaira Wasim Sheds Light On The Kashmir Issue

The former actress at that point included a progression of inquiries, “For what reason is it so natural to have our voices hushed? For what reason is it so natural to reduce our opportunity of articulation? For what reason aren’t we at any point permitted to voice our feelings, not to mention our dissatisfactions to choices that are made in opposition to our desires? How can it be that as opposed to attempting to see the reason for our view, our view is simply denounced heartlessly?”

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Kashmir continues to suffer and see- saw between hope and frustration। There’s a false and uneasy semblance of calmness in place of escalating despair and sorrow। Kashmiris continue to exist and suffer in a world where it is so easy to place restrictions on our liberty. Why do we have to live in a world where our lives and wills are controlled, dictated and bent? Why is it so easy to have our voices silenced? Why is it so easy to curtail our freedom of expression? Why aren’t we ever allowed to voice our opinions, let alone our disprovals, to decisions that are made contrary to our wishes? Why is it that instead of trying to see the cause of our view, our view is just condemned ruthfully? What is so easy to curb our voices so severely? Why can we not live simple lives without always having to wrestle and remind the world of our existence. Why is that life of a Kashmiri is just about experiencing a lifetime of crisis, blockade and disturbance so abundantly that it has taken away the recognition of normalcy and harmony from the hearts and minds? Hundreds of questions like these-unanswered; leaving us bewildered and frustrated, but our frustrations find no outlet. The authority doesn’t make the slightest effort to put a stop to our doubts and speculations but stubbornly tend to go their own way to confine our existence mired in a confused, conflicted and a paralysed world. But I ask the world, what has altered your acceptance of the misery and oppression we’re being subjected to? Do not believe the unfair representation of the facts and details or the rosy hue that the media has cast on the reality of the situation. Ask questions, re-examine the biased assumptions. Ask questions. For our voices have been silenced- and for how long….none of us really know!

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She didn’t stop there, she rampaged with theories realizing they could never be replied. “What is so natural to control our voices so harshly? For what reason can we not live basic lives without continually wrestling and help the world to remember our reality.”

She at that point solicited the hardest one from them all, “For what reason is that life of a Kashmiri is just about encountering a lifetime of emergency, barricade, and aggravation so richly that it has removed the acknowledgment of commonality and agreement from the hearts and psyches?”

Portable internet providers, cell systems, landline, and broadband availability continued in the Valley on January 25, as per The Indian Express. The administrations were suspended on August 5 after Kashmir was deprived of its uncommon status under Article 370 of the Constitution.

The 19-year-old Srinagar-born diva additionally scrutinized specialists and included, “Many inquiries like these-unanswered; leaving us befuddled and disappointed, however, our dissatisfactions discover no outlet. The authority doesn’t put forth the smallest attempt to end our questions and hypotheses however Stubbornly will in general head out in their own direction to restrict our reality buried in a befuddled, tangled and a deadened world.”

She proceeded, “However I ask the world, what has adjusted your acknowledgment of the wretchedness and mistreatment we’re being exposed to? Try not to accept the unreasonable portrayal of the realities and subtleties or the blushing tone that the media has thrown on the truth. Pose inquiries, reconsider the one-sided presumptions. Pose inquiries. For our voices have been quieted and to what extent… .none of us truly know!”

In July 2019, the Dangal notoriety Zaira says goodbye to her acting vocation, saying it meddled with her confidence and religion. However, Zaira Wasim sheds light on the Kashmir issue to draws attention towards a serious cause.

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