Zahir Jaffar Arrested for Murder of Noor Mukadam, Former Diplomat’s Daughter in Islamabad

Zahir Jaffar Arrested for Murder of Noor Mukadam, Former Diplomat's Daughter in Islamabad

Noor Mukadam has been brutally murdered by businessman Zahir Jaffar in the F7 sector of Islamabad. She was the daughter of the Former Diplomat of Pakistan, Shaukat Mukadam – Pakistan’s Ambassador to South Korea.

Zahir Jaffar, the alleged killer of the former diplomat’s daughter has been arrested. Zahir Jaffar is a businessman and is said to have some psychological issues, according to the initial reports.

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In a tweet, the capital police said that an investigation into the matter has been initiated, adding that the suspect has been arrested.

It has been reported, Noor Mukadam left home and was with accused Zahir Jaffar. They both were friends. Jaffar slit the throat of the victim and murdered her.

Noor Mukadam, daughter of a former diplomat, has been beheaded in Islamabad by Zahir Jaffar.

The initial report suggests Noor Mukadam came to Zahir Jaffar’s house yesterday. She was not in contact with her father ambassador Mukadam since yesterday morning. The alleged killer is a drug addict. However, the investigation is in progress.


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