Yasir Hussain Criticizes PISA 2020 Organizers

Yasir Hussain Criticizes PISA 2020 Organizers

Yasir Hussain has approached to slam the coordinators of the Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA) 2020 and asked them to be progressively dependable one year from now. Yasir Hussain criticizes PISA 2020 organizers after other celebrities views.

After plenty of big names voiced worries over how the arranging group of the ritzy function didn’t treat them well, Yasir Hussain took to social media to communicate his perspectives on the issue.

Yasir Hussain Criticizes PISA 2020 Organizers

Taking to Instagram stories, the Naach Na Janey on-screen character expressed, “Allah ka shukar hai k mai selected nahi tha magar jin designated logon ko nahi le k gaye bohat galat kiya [I say thanks to God that I was not named, yet to not take the individuals who were assigned, was a wrong thing to do].”

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The star mentioned the administration to be increasingly sorted out with the airfare and housing of the chosen people and furthermore requested that the entertainers be affable and delicate, “Darguzar Karen aagy barhen aur ainda sab adakaar mil Jul k arrang karen. Aur please apni worth ko samjhen [Forgive, let it proceed to work with common comprehension with one another next time. And furthermore please understand your worth],” he said.

The PISA 2020 service was hung on Friday night in Dubai, went to by various showbiz illuminators.

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