Witnesses reveal, Gabby, Brian seen arguing in Restaurant before disappeared

There were public controversies, speculations, and assumptions about a recent incident of Gabby Petito’s disappearance. Things are not on the track yet as police investigators are conducting inquiries from witnesses.

Witnesses revealed that the couple, Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie were seen arguing in the restaurant before their disappearance. The couple went on a visit to Wyoming where they spent several days together.

Witnesses reveal, Gabby, Brian seen arguing in Restaurant before disappeared

Witness, Nina Serie Angelo said, she & her beau were at the Jackson Hall restaurant Mary Piglet on 27th August 2021, when she found them arguing with each other. Brian was sitting at the table beside Gabby, added Nina.

Among other witnesses, Nina Serie Angelo further claimed that Gabby was weeping hysterically. The couple was even fighting with the restaurant waitress before Gabby left from there.

A witness was uncleared about what was going on between Gabby and Brian. Angelo thought it was about the bill. Even Brian returned back to the restaurant several times after Gabby’s leaving. Brian had an aggressive attitude and asked the restaurant staff.

A witness called Mary Piglet to tell about the incident but they didn’t comment, but Nina told everything to enforcement agencies about the incident.

On 11th Sept 2021, Brian returned back home to Florida without Gabby.

Earlier, Gabby’s dead body was found from the same place where they met.

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