Why Sophie Turner hated Jonas Brothers before wedding?

The ‘Game Of Thrones’ actress, Sophie Turner has recently revealed that she hated Jonas Brothers before the wedding and this statement left her fans shocked.

Sophie Turner and Joe is ready to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, as per reports suggesting that the couple is expecting their first child.

Why Sophie Turner hated Jonas Brothers before wedding
Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas

The couple has always been in the news headlines for sharing their good chemistry and strong bonding, as per the latest report suggests that this was not the same before their wedding.

Sophie Turner talked to the ELLE magazine and revealed why she hated the Jonas Brothers before the wedding to Joe. The actress said that she was not a fan of the Jonas band and hated them.

She further said that she and her friends were not the fans of Jonas Brothers. While revealing the reason, she said that there was a band named ‘Busted’, Sophie and her friends were the huge fans of that band which had released a hit song ‘Year 3000’. Then the Jonas Brothers dropped a song which got massive response and got the biggest hit. And just after that, Busted failed. Sophie and her friends thought that it was all the fault of the Jonas Brothers and they started hating them. Read more at Source

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