What Suhaee Abro Says After Her Head- Check Inside

One of the most acclaimed dancers Suhaee Abro broke through various hindrances and has gotten the recognition of the most famed and acknowledged artists of the country. Suhaee Abro was born to a poet and a visual artist Atiya Dawood and got her dance training from an iconic Sheema Kirmani at the age of seven. Apart from this, Suhaee has made herself a recognized personality from a young age when she appeared in her first musical at the age of eight. Also, she specialized in Bharatanatyam, Kathak, and Odissi (Dance Forms).

Suhai Ali Abro
Source: superstarsbio.com

Recently, she has signed for another project which is the Hollywood collaboration titled ‘The Window’. It is the project in which she has to shaved her entire head to play the role in a movie. Suhaee Abro told that she was given the choice to use prosthetics to maintain a strategic distance from this however she decided to go with natural hair look and shaved her entire head to give 100% with her character.

Furthermore, she discussed that she wanted to do something different and finally, she succeeded in it. Have a glance at her look that she shared on her social media account.

Moreover, what she says more after shaving her entire head?

According to Suhaee Abro, after shaving her head, she felt so confident. This role and the getup she adopted is meant a lot to her. She considers this a very significant step in her life. Also, she felt independent and truly makes her able to understand the actual meaning of beauty.

She has lived a struggling life as she was being taunted by people for her dark complexion since childhood and even in the drama industry. after shaving her head is something like a challenge that she wants to conquer.

So, having long hair is the beauty as our society sets some standards of beauty of a woman. But Suhaee Abro has proved that beauty is beyond the imagination and heads off to Suhaee Abro who expressed her dedication to her work.

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