What Imran Ashraf Says About 18-Year-Old Newlyweds?

What Imran Ashraf says about 18-years-old newlyweds? An 18-year-old couple is being trolled by netizens on social media since at some point now, that too for all inappropriate reasons. From being ridiculed for getting hitched at a legitimate age, to being body disgraced, the two have heard everything. However, after viral the couple, Pakistan’s famed actor Imran Ashraf took the support of social media to speak about in favor of the young newlywed couple.

Netizens took to Twitter sharing recordings of their marriage, a shut function that became a web sensation after the photographer, Moazzam Azam, shared their photos on his page.

What Imran Ashraf Says About 18-Year-Old Newlyweds

In a country where 21% of the young girls are hitched before the age of 18 every year (as indicated by a UNICEF report of 2013), for reasons unknown, these youthful grown-ups are being charged for the wedding too early.

That, however, the boy is being censured for being ‘excessively meager’ while the girl is being taunted for ‘appearing as though his mom’, as per certain Twitterati.

At a point in life where these youths ought to have been collecting gifts, their destiny is lamentably being directed by these users.

Twitterati Made Fun Of The Newlywed Couple!

A few, be that as it may, have spoken in favor of the recently marries, including Imran Ashraf, a famed celebrity who schooled the pundits.Imran Ashraf-Favor


“So now we will be the ones directing whether somebody’s choice to be hitched is correct or wrong?” asked Ashraf. “We have begun jumping into individuals’ homes now! The web has become such a court where everybody passes a judgment concurring their own degree of dissatisfaction.”

“They have gotten hitched, give them prayers, wish them well. May Allah fill their existence with joy,” said Ashraf as he cut off his remark on a local outlet’s post with prayers.

However, a few twitter users additionally revitalized in support for the couple.

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