What Channing Tatum says about Jenna Dewan’s engagement?

An American actor-singer, Channing Tatum has come up with his detailed thoughts about former wife Jenna Dewan’s engagement. Entertainment News approached Channing’s source close to knowing about it and how he feels about Jenna’s step.

Jenna’s former hubby Channing Tatum is happy that Jenna has moved on in her life. He further said that they will be connected together forever as they are parents of their six-year-old daughter, Everly.

What Channing Tatum says about Jenna Dewan's engagement

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As Jenna is a mother of Channing’s child, so she holds a special place in his heart. The former couple has moved on in their lives. But, still, Channing is so concerned about his daughter and the former couple is glad to have worked out a co-parenting consent contract.

The former couple is trying to live a normal as they can do anything for their daughter. Also, they will be doing all the family activities together. reported by the source.

The former couple wants to keep their daughter’s routine the same. Nothing will be change in her life and they will take care of their daughter as a co-parent.

Meanwhile, Channing Tatum has also moved on in his life and found love again with Jessie, who is also a singer and belongs to Britain.

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