What Bharti Singh wants as Valentine’s gift from husband?

One of the acclaimed and most loved comedian star Bharti Singh opens up about the romantic side of her husband Haarish Limbachiyaa, who is also a writer in the industry. The star says Haarish is so romantic and he always does a lot of things for Bharti. So, all fans are curious to know what Bharti Singh wants as Valentine’s gift from husband?

Furthermore, she said, ” She has already thought of a valentine’s day gift that she wants from her husband. Suddenly, he will say for the outing and will give me a lot of gifts. However, the star is sure that he must have some plans for celebrating Valentine’s Day and Women’s Day is also coming up.

What Bharti Singh wants as a Valentine's gift from husband

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What Bharti Singh wants as Valentine’s gift from husband, Haarsish Limbachiyaa?

The writer, Haarish jokingly said that he won’t do anything this time and have no such plans.

Haarish revealed that he always gives her bags as a gift. Initially, she hesitated to say not to buy such expensive bags, but now she has so many bags and still wants more. He laughed

Adding to that, Bharti joked and said, she wants money to put in her bags so this time, she will ask for 10 lacs on Valentine’s Day as a gift, and on Women’s Day, he can go up to 25 Lacs.

The couple will spread laughter as hosts of the upcoming show India’s Best Dancer which is all set to start soon. While there will be other stars including Geeta Kapur, Malaika Arora Khan, and Terrence Lewis to judge the show. Bharti along with her husband Haarish Limbachiyaa will host the show which is scheduled to air in February 2020.

It’s a Dance Reality Show which is full of entertainment, Haarish said that there’s a unique concept behind the show and everyone will enjoy it. Bharti said that she is happy to work with her husband after Khatra Khatra Khatra again. She also said that her Haarish is the main host of the show.

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