Wajid Khan Come Forward with Allegations of Mistreatment by Sana Javed

Another victim of mistreatment by Sana Javed, Artist Wajid Khan comes forward to share his side of the story. After Model Manal Khan exposed Sana Javed’s ‘rude’ behavior on social media despite the face not directly naming her. But the people were quick to guess who can it be other than Sana Javed.

Actress Sana Javed is quite famous for her good acting skills and looks, however, in real life, she sounds completely different. As many makeup artists and models are coming forward to share their worst working experiences with Sana are somewhat horrible.

Here, Wajid Khan posted a post on Instagram that reads, “I normally keep away from such issues because I don’t want to stoop so low as our stars do. I am not too surprised to hear about Sana Javed as this has been a recurring issue for everyone who has worked with her.”

He went on and wrote, “My brand was signed as the makeup artist for a project and when I was doing her make-up, I suggested her some ideas to enhance her look on screen as I have worked with big screen actresses in Pakistan, US, and in India. She had the audacity to go to Producers and said that “wajid toh meri buraiyya kar raha hai and I am not comfortable working with him’. So I was asked to step back from the project because she made them do so.”

Wajid cleared his position by saying that he has worked with much bigger names at IIFA including Miss Universe. He further went on to explain Sana Javed’s behavior as ‘toxic’ and ‘unprofessional’.

Not only that, the artist schooled Sana Javed to focus on herself, rather than playing games with people. Wajid ended his note with, “We are all artists and as important as anyone else on the set. If she doesn’t know how to respect the fellow artists, then the industry should not work with such shallow people who only bring defame to a project.”


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