Vidya Balan believes in female leadership in all of its forms

Recently, one of the topmost Bollywood actresses, Vidya Balan talked about female leadership and also believes in female leadership in all of its forms. The actress emphasizes female leadership and wants the world to accept it in all of its forms.

However, the actress shared her views, that people nowadays are worried about their daughters, wives, and mothers because they are standing up for themselves and are empowered. She also mocks male actors in the industry by saying that they stay quiet on many issues but female actresses raise their voices on certain issues.

Vidya Balan believes in female leadership in all of its forms

Furthermore, she said that female celebs are more active in almost every field of life as compare to male. Female actors also amplify their voices but male actors don’t open their mouths. read her complete statement at Source 

She further added and said, “She doesn’t want to make gender generalizations but she thinks that the perspectives and experiences of men and women tend to differ. So, she just wants equality and also spread the words of feminism in a real sense. Also, she gives worth to women’s perspectives as their views are more varied and refined.

However, the actress emphasized on female leadership and also wants the world to accept women’s talent and real worth. She added, we have such a great talent in the form of women writers, directors, technicians in films as well.  That’s why women are finding opportunities on digital platforms. It helps you to have more nuanced perspectives.

On the work front, she will soon be working on her upcoming movie along with a female director for the first time in her life. This experience is quite different but she enjoys.

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