Ushna Shah tests positive for COVID-19

Pakistani Ushna Shah fell into the COVID-19 trap as the fourth wave arrived. The actress took to her social media and announced the shocking news with her fans.

Even though, Ushna Shah had received both doses of the vaccine yet she tested positive for COVID-19. Her condition has made her wonder what would have happened if she had not been vaccinated.

Ushna Shah pens down a sad note in the caption and apologized to everyone she has met recently, “To those, I met recently, I vehemently apologize 🙏 I assumed it was just a viral- It wasn’t until the fever became unbearable & I lost my sense of smell that I thought to get tested.

She ended her note with, “I am so sorry.”

Ushna Shah wrote, “Even with the two mandatory doses of the vaccine, I have tested positive for Covid-19,”

“I am a relatively healthy person with a strong immune system but the bug got through, and the symptoms are extremely unpleasant.”

Ushna further added, “I shudder to think what would have happened had I not been vaccinated. I urge everyone to wear masks, get vaccinated, and get all precautions to protect themselves.”

“COVID-19 is not a joke, and the delta variant is certainly not to be taken lightly. Also, if we have been in contact in recent days, please get yourself tested. Wishing you all health and wellness. Ush!”

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