Urwa Hocane states facts about stereotypical dramas, toxic heroes and problematic relationships being romanticized

Urwa Hocane is one of the self-established actresses in Pakistan. She has worked in drama serials and Pakistani films, including Punjab Nhi Jaongi, Na Maloom Afraad, and more.

In her recent interview, Urwa Hocane stated facts about stereotypical dramas, toxic heroes, and problematic relationships being romanticized. Hocane spoke nothing but the truth said, “Meaningful cheezen ap karen aur apko PEMRA k letters ajaty hain” (PEMRA would send letters if you’re doing meaningful acts in dramas).

URwa Hocane gave the example of her drama ‘Udaari’ which was based on child abuse and domestic violence. She said that she got 36 letters from PEMRA. Why? On the contrary, Hocane said that nowadays, angry and toxic heroes with their problematic relationships being romanticized are quite popular. It’s all about priorities.

Here, see the short clip from her recent interview.


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