Twitter reacts to Qandeel Baloch’s murderer Waseem Khan’s acquittal

LAHORE: On Monday, Qandeel Baloch’s murderer Waseem Khan acquits by the Lahore High Court (LHC).

The shocking reaction of the people of Pakistan over the release of Qandeel Baloch’s murderer on Twitter. Soon after the news went viral, many people including celebs took to their social media and expressed their shock over the court’s ruling.

Actor Osman Khalid Butt wrote on Twitter, “Qandeel Baloch’s murderer walks free today after serving less than six years of his life sentence. He is on record admitting to drugging and murdering his sister. Someone, please make this make sense to me.”

He went on to comment, “We are in the concluding stages of a high-profile and incredibly brutal murder case even now – how does this ruling inspire any confidence (except to the guilty) in our judicial system? Six years – and an anti-honor killing Bill – later, we’re back to square one.”

Osman Khalid Butt ended his note with, “This is not the first time sentences for heinous crimes have been reduced or overturned. Why do these loopholes still exist in our judicial system whereby murderers can eventually walk free?”

Singer Meesha Shafi, too, spoke about Waseem’s acquittal. “So Qandeel Baloch killed in cold blood,” the popular singer tweeted, adding, “Her father, who tried to pursue justice above and beyond his means.. passed away. Her murderer, her brother, alive and roaming free once again. We’re living in the opposite world.”

Nighat Dad shared, “This man who confessed to killing Qandeel, his own sister, is a free man today in the same country where Qandeel couldn’t live her life freely and was honor killed for the choices she made as a free citizen of this country.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “Qandeel Baloch’s brother who killed her for honour is acquitted by a Multan court today after the parents forgave their son. Shame on those who loved to consume Qandeel Baloch’s content but also justified her murder. Taking hypocrisy to the next level!”

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