Turkish actor Engin Altan Duzyatan addresses Pakistanis in his press conference

A well-known Turkish actor Engin Altan Duzyatan yesterday arrived in Pakistan, and the famed actor addressed Pakistanis in his press conference scheduled to take place on Friday, 11th Dec 2020.

According to media outlet reports, the Ertugrul actor will appear at a press conference at 11:30 A.M, after arriving in Pakistan a day earlier.

Turkish actor Engin

On Thursday, 10th Dec 2020, Duzyatan reportedly landed at Lahore airport as he was invited by a private business company.

Duzyatan’s Pakistani fans were delighted to hear the great news of their all-time-favorite actor’s arrival in Pakistan.

The Turkish actor got huge success in Pakistan after appearing as Erturgrul in the most-watched Turkish historical TV series “Diliris: Ertugrul”. The play started airing on PTV at the request of PM Imran Khan.

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