Tom Holland shares his views on social media overexposure

In a recent interview with Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, Tom Holland talks about one of the most valuable life lessons he learned in his life. Alongside this, the Spider-Man star, Tom Holland shared his views on social media overexposure.

During a conversation, E-News reported asked, Tom, ” What is the one thing in the technology world you wish we could get rid of?” Without wasting time, Tom Holland said it would be ‘ Instagram’, which cause the social media overexposure.

Tom Holland shares his views on social media overexposure

Furthermore, the star revealed that he doesn’t use Instagram. While looking thoughtfully upon his choices, the actor shared his thought behind the decision he chose. He said, ” It was overwhelming my life. and he was becoming obsessed with it. Like, anytime, the thing that came into his mind is, how many likes did he get and what did people say about his photos? And who is doing this and that? He found himself more focused on Instagram instead of his real life.

And now, he has taken step back and started focusing on his career and bright future. He thinks that social media overexposure can cause distraction and that’s the thing that he doesn’t want to. read his full statement

Meanwhile, on the work front, Holland and Chris Pratt will be seen in a Pixar film that revolves around magic and technology.

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