Taylor Swift is in deep love with her beau Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift is in deep love with her beau Joe Alwyn. Recently, a famed singer Taylor Swift expressed her love with Joe during the celebration of his 29th birthday. The birthday celebration was arranged at the luxurious London hot spot Bob Ricard. Alongside this, the couple was accompanied by their close companions including singer Ed Sheeran along with his wife Cherry Seaborn and others.

They enjoyed drinking champagne and on the table, there was a button that says, ” Press for Champagne”. They all were there to enjoy the birthday celebration and had a lot of fun together.

Taylor Swift is in deep love with her beau Joe Alwyn

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However, there is a sweet bonding between the couple but they kept their relationship secret and especially Taylor Swift doesn’t want to discuss it. When asked why she doesn’t talk publicly about her love life? To which she replied that she has learned that if she talks about her love life, people think that it is up for discussion, and for her, their relationship is not up for discussion.

Earlier, the singer released her song named ‘Lover’ which hinted at marriage and the rumors ignited on social media that the duo is going to marry soon. Before her album released, the singer posted a photo from Vogue cover shoot on her social media account, wherein Joe Alwyn can be seen with a piece of string tied around her finger. This photo sparked rumors that the couple is all set to marry.

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