Tamil film producer will file case against ‘Parasite’ makers for plagiarism

South Korean director Bong Joon-Ho’s film ‘Parasite’ won the top-ranked position in the Oscars history. Just a few days after his success, a Tamil film producer P.L Thenappan claimed that the movie is inspired by his film and he will lodge a case against ‘Parasite’s filmmaker for plagiarism as he lifts the plot of his film.

Furthermore, a Tamil producer said that he will be filing a case against the makers of ‘Parasite’ with the help of an international lawyer. According to him, the plot is taken from his film named ‘Minsara Kanna’. He said they file cases whenever they found any sort of plagiarism.

Tamil film producer will file case against 'Parasite' makers for plagiarism

However, a Tamil film director, KS Ravikumar is happy that his film has earned international recognition. Even a Tamil movie ‘Minsara Kanna’ served as an inspiration which is another great thing. As for filing a case, the decision is up to film producer. Ravikumar added.

The Tamil film producer will file a case against ‘Parasite’ makers for plagiarism. Well, Indian film critics have rejected the producer’s claim as both films are different.

‘Parasite’ is a comedy thriller about a family comprises of four members, struggling to meet the differences between rich and poor. The film contains a string of unusual events that begins to unfold.

While Indian film ‘Minsara Kanna’ is about a wealthy guy (Vijay) who works at the house of a businesswoman. The guy started falling in love with the lady and does the job to get success in love. And the major difference is the film received average reviews, while South Korean film beat the record and got the highest position in Oscars2020.

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