Sophie Turner feels nervous about birth & motherhood

Hollywood’s most celebrated couple, Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas have made headlines since they announced the pregnancy. The couple is busy preparing for the birth of their first child and their fans are gushing over them. However, some of the reports claimed that Sophie Turner feels nervous about birth & motherhood.

According to the media outlets, ‘The Game Of Thrones’ actress is expecting her first child to Joe Jonas. Their fans can’t wait to see their baby.

Sophie Turner feels nervous about birth & motherhood
Sophie Turner

The actress is worried about her professional & personal life due to her pregnancy. While these thoughts are natural and happen to every woman. Whereas, her hubby Joe Jonas is trying his best to comfort his wife. reported by a close source at Life & Style Magazine.

The singer has already planned a way that he can easily spend his time with Sophie. As he travels a lot so he decided to plan his schedule according to the pregnancy so that he can be with Sophie during her pregnancy.

Sophie Turner feels nervous about birth & motherhood and her hubby is making feel her comfortable.

Joe Jonas is trying to make his wife happy, helps to take pampering sessions, arrange some romantic trips and also go for shopping when Sophie feels tired.

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Happiness begins with you, bub ­čî╣

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Sophie is presently not working and just wants to focus on her baby and on herself, so she doesn’t afford any sort of pressure in her life at the moment. Read more at Source

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