Sonam Kapoor urges fans to stay at home- Covid-19

Bollywood celebrities have been brilliantly playing a crucial role for the purpose of raising awareness among the masses of society amid coronavirus pandemic in India. So far, there have been 173 positive cases of this infectious disease have been recorded across the country. While B’Town’s bigwigs have been urging fans to stay at home and follow the precautionary tips prescribed by WHO (World Health Organization). Also, they have been practicing social distancing as well. Besides, they have been sharing their self-isolation stories to encourage fans about it. Likewise, Bollywood’s talented actress, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, who is an avid user of social media and has also shared a crucial message for her fans on a live session.

Sonam Kapoor urges fans to stay at home- Covid-19
Sonam Kapoor urges fans to stay at home- Covid-19


The actress took to her Instagram and came live to share a useful message for fans to stay at home from the novel infectious virus. She also asked her fans to keep themselves neat and clean, wash your hands, and don’t touch your face as well.

Also, the actress, Sonam Kapoor urged her fans to stay away from grandparents for a while to keep them safe from the novel virus.

Coronavirus has been proved a dangerous disease for kids and oldies. Consequently, the government has also requested the old aged people to stay at home.

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