Some unknown facts about ‘Friends’ that you didn’t know

One of the most famous series in all of TV history, ‘Friends’ appeared on small screens back in September of 1994 yet at the same time keeps on being at the top even years after the fact. Here we present some unknown facts about ‘Friends’ that you didn’t know.

Devotees of the notable series can’t get enough of the show as it brings a flood of feelings and sentimentality each time they watch it. And keeping in mind that fans may flaunt their insight about the sitcom, there are a few things that went unnoticed by the world.

Some unknown facts about 'Friends' that you didn't know

Unknown Facts About ‘Friends’ That You Didn’t Know

Here are five unknown facts about the show relatively that probably nobody knows about.

1. ‘Insomnia Café’, the title before ‘Friends’

The Marta Kauffman-made series was not constantly expected to go with the title that the world remembers it with today. The name of the show needed to experience a procedure of a few changes in the title. The most beginning title picked before Friends was Insomnia Café. Different titles that were taken into contemplations were Friends Like Us and Six of One.

2. The fountain was not in NYC

The fountain was shown in the opening credits of the show was not shot in New York City, the same number of may have thought. The Friends fountain is arranged at the Warner Brothers farm in Burbank, California.

3. Monica and Joey rather than Rachel and Ross?

The matching of the cast was additionally expected to somewhat extraordinary as Joey and Monica were initially wanted to be a couple. In the event that the plot had continued on similar lines, at that point, Joey and Monica would have been the center couple of the show rather than Ross and Rachel.

4. The mystery behind the Central Perk couch

Fans have consistently thought about how the characters of the show consistently figured out how to take a load off on a similar orange couch at Central Perk, while the remainder of the customers took different spots. It has now been revealed by some hawk looked at fans who saw that a ‘hold’ sign had been set on the table in a couple of the scenes throughout the show.

5. Monica changed apartments

Hawkeyed viewers saw another minor thing too which you may have overlooked. In the underlying scenes, Monica lived in apartment number five yet later on, the number on her front door reads 20 which means that Chandler and Joey’s apartment also was changed from over the corridor.

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