Shoaib Mansoor & Mahira Khan pay tribute to women on Women’s Day

The renowned Pakistani television and film director, Shoaib Mansoor has recently collaborated with prominent star Mahira Khan to pay tribute to women on this International Women’s Day which was celebrated on 8th March every year across the globe. It is the day to praise the women and their achievements, and also amplify the voice for their rights of the living.

Shoaib Mansoor & Mahira Khan pay tribute to women on Women's Day
Shoaib Mansoor & Mahira Khan pay tribute to women on Women’s Day


Director, Shoaib Mansoor has picked out one of Allama Iqbal’s iconic poems to release a new song in a different style wherein he features Mahira Khan. The title of the song is ‘ Dua-e-Reem which means Bride’s Prayer.

In the video, a song titled Dua-e- Reem is set in the subdivision era when Allama Iqbal’s poem “Lab Pe Aaati Hai Dua Ban Kay Tamanna Meri ” had become popular in India.

A professional woman singer had sung in her own way and she changed Allama Iqbal’s poem which was written for children, changed the prayer into the bride’s prayer.

The video was released on International Women’s Day, the song starts with a group of female singers who were praying for the bride -Mahira Khan during the sangeet festivity.

The aged woman’s prayer to the bride was about to ask God to give her strength and patience to bear every pain during her married life. While Mahira Khan looks helplessly and started singing by praying for herself to shut down the group.

Singer, Damia Farooq has sung this powerful song.

Check out the song!


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