Shahrukh Khan Praises Shakira For Remarkable Performance

Bollywood’s heartthrob actor Shah Rukh Khan, praised Shakira for given the wonderful performance at Super Bowl 2020. Shakira, who won the hearts with her amazing performance at Super Bowl half-time appears, has vanquished the iTunes Top 100 chart with her hit ‘At whatever point, Wherever’ 19 years after its release. Therefore, the Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan praises Shakira for remarkable performance.

Shahrukh Khan Praises Shakira For Remarkable PerformanceThe Colombian vocalist’s tunes ‘Hips Don’t Lie, ‘Waka’, and ‘She Wolf’ has additionally remained in the best 10, after her performance, along with Jennifer Lopez, in Miami, Florida.

The pop genius played out a bit from the melody during her Super Bowl half-time execution on Sunday, and apparently it was sufficient to drive the tunes up the download commencement.

The artist’s ‘Realm’ and ‘She Wolf’ spiked by more than 900 percent in not many hours following the Super Bowl, while enthusiasm for Lopez’s Get Right and Waiting For Tonight siphoned up by in excess of 680 percent.

The 54-year-old dropped an exemplary remark on Shakira’s photograph, which was shared by the artist from her Super Bowl execution.

“So great, so dedicated so completely engaging,” the Raees entertainer tweeted.

The Zero star called Shakira his record-breaking most loved and tweeted, “My untouched top pick”.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez hypnotized the crowd with their amazing performance at the Super Bowl halftime appear on Sunday.

The whizzes transformed the show into an immense move party, entertaining the sold-out group with their acclaimed hits.

It might be noted here that Shakira is additionally a gigantic enthusiastic fan of King Khan.

Hence, Shakira deserves much appreciation for given the best performance and Shahrukh Khan praises Shakira over fabulous performance.

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