Shahid Afridi commits to support for differently-abled athlete

Pakistan’s famed former cricketer captain, Shahid Afridi, has recently shared a tweet on 1st March 2020, wherein showing Pakistan’s Special Olympics Tennis gold medalist, Sajda. The captain uploaded a video wherein the young star holding her medals along with her mother who requested Shahid to help them in their financial crises.

Shahid Afridi commits to support for differently-abled athlete
Shahid Afridi

Sajda’s mother said, she just wants Afridi to help her husband find a good job and help her to earn some amount working from home. She knows to stitch and can stitch chadars, but she just wants to earn a respectable way for a better living of their children.

In response to her circumstances, the former cricketer addressed the young champion by saying that her success is proud of the nation.

He further said that his Foundation (Shahid Afridi Foundation) works for health, education, and water and he committed to personally help them to overcome their financial crises.

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