Selena Gomez jokingly showing off her failed basketball skills

We all know that the pop star Selena Gomez is grooming progressing over her music career along with her beauty brand ‘Rare Beauty. Although recently, Selena Gomez was challenged by her friends if she could do a three-pointer to which she agreed and said she could.

As she was all set for the challenge, her friends shot the video and uploaded it on Instagram stories. Adoringly, she failed the challenge and the internet is going crazy over her cuteness.

In the video, we can actually hear Selena Gomez said: “So, my friends asked me if I could do a three-pointer and I said ‘yes.'”

The gorgeous Selena Gomez also shared a pre-game injury before starting the game. On this, she updated her followers by saying.

“Update—I recently had an injury in the kitchen,” showing off her band-aid finger.

“And I may not be able to perform well, so you know.”

After that, she tried her best and missed the shot, on which she jokingly said “So… I can’t.” And the interest is going crazy.

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