SC Rule- Fake Degree Holders Not Acceptable For Govt Jobs

The top court has decided that individuals holding counterfeit degrees are not qualified for government employments, not to mention advancement, and if the registration degree is false, all ensuing degrees are additionally rendered fashioned. That is to say, SC passes a rule that fake degree holders not eligible for Govt jobs.

A two-part seat of the Supreme Court – headed by Justice Umar Ata Bandial – heard the request testing the advancement of workers of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

SC Rule- Fake Degree Holders Not Acceptable For Govt Jobs

Justice Bandial asked, “What does PIA need to state about the workers who got promoted.”

A PIA delegate told the court that everybody is carrying out their responsibility well. “We don’t have complaints.”

Higher Education Commission Chairman Dr. Tariq Banuri told the court that time-banished degrees were given by the Al-Khair University before 2009 and were pronounced satisfactory. “The ones who got degrees after 2009 have been asked to re-sit assessments,” Dr. Banuri said.

Justice Bandial asked, “On what premise did you proclaim the time-banished degrees satisfactorily.”

The HEC director answered, “In 2009, the Al-Khair University was given a notification. What’s more, from 2009 to 2011, the college was shut.”

He said that solitary the degrees of Al-Khair University, AJK, Bhimber Campus, were worthy.

Justice Bandial commented that a rundown of 146 PIA workers holding counterfeit degrees was given to the court.

Justice Bandial asked whether the PIA led examination concerning the phony degree matter alone or on the sets of the court.

The PIA delegate expressed that PIA directed the examination on the sets of the Supreme Court.

Agent Attorney General Sohail Mehmood stated, “Counterfeit degree holders are as yet working with the PIA.” He stated, “They have acquired stay orders [for the purpose].”

Justice Bandial commented, “We are allowing PIA to submit recommendations prescribing future strategy against the degree holders of Al-Khair and Preston colleges.”

The court looked for a report in regards to the phony degree holders and commented that the court ought to be educated about the representatives with counterfeit degrees who have acquired stay orders.

The court additionally looked for subtleties of the courts from where the stay orders were gotten.

SC passes a rule that fake degree holders not eligible for Govt jobs. Afterward, the case was deferred uncertainly.

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