Sara Ali Khan says, she isn’t copying Karishma Kapoor in her upcoming movie “Coolie No.1”

Bollywood’s emerging star Sara Ali Khan is making headlines since she appeared in her upcoming movie “Coolie No.1” which is all set to release soon.

The actress talked about the movie which is a sequel to the 90s movie “Coolie No.1” that had already been a hit back, and now the entire team is trying to reach its benchmark of success.

Sara Ali Khan

While the conversation with IANS, Sara Ali Khan said that when she started off, her only dream and desire was to be able to do all kinds of genres of films with all kinds of directors. So, she truly considers herself extremely lucky that she has been given this opportunity because she is of course a die-hard David sir fan. But the truth is, not one particular genre of cinema she likes.”

The actress went on to reveal that playing the role of Karishma Kapoor was no piece of cake. It was not easy to play such kind of role.

She further went on to say, “Karishma is a veteran, superstar. She redefines the nineties for most audiences. So I don’t think I have even attempted to step into her shoes. Of course, it is a remake and comparisons are inevitable. Up until now, I was so much more focused on bringing something new to the table. Everything is kind of tweaking to make it more today.” I was not trying to copy her in the film as it is hard to walk into someone else shoes…

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