Sania Maskatiya Is At New York To Attend Fashion Week

The name, which made its NYFW debut in 2018, will introduce their Resort 2020 assortment as a feature of The Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers’ (CAAFD) exhibit. Sania Maskatiya Is At New York To Attend Fashion Week.

Agreeable and chic, the line exemplifies Maskatiya’s mark womanliness in both flexibility and verve. Highlighting blustery hand-woven textures, carefully cut and layered, weaved with geometric and peaceful themes, it loans ‘white-on-white’ a newly whimsical vitality.

Sania Maskatiya Is At New York To Attend Fashion Week

The Sania Maskatiya brand is most popular for its adaptable, particular prints, material structure dependent on unadulterated textures, remarkable hues, and fine craftsmanship. To be sure the design mark utilizes its own in-house printing, weaving and sewing units with a devoted group of gifted material alumni.

She takes credit for being the first designer to carry computerized prints to Pakistan. “In 2010, there was an enormous hole in the market. There wasn’t generally any extravagance pret being done at that point.” Now, the pattern has gotten on and numerous different brands can be seen doing comparative work. “We feel that we’re developing with each assortment.”

Addressing Images, the brand shared, “We need to utilize the CAAFD NYFW stage to discuss our nation’s ground-breaking feeling of guarantee. The style business in Pakistan has been blossoming this decade; we have a rich material legacy and its obvious in the Pakistani design industry. What’s more, we at Sania Maskatiya are known for doing everything in-house and making bespoke textures and prints.”

“Each example is made by our group and executed by our lord skilled workers and we need to grandstand all the contemporary components that our nation brings to the table at NYFW.”

Fashion Designer Sania Maskatiya Is At New York To Attend Fashion Week which is scheduled to occur from 5-12 February 2020.

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