Sanam Marvi Files For ‘Khula’ From Hamid Ali

Pakistani people vocalist Sanam Marvi has petitioned for khula (separate) from spouse Hamid Ali, Geo News announced. Sanam Marvi petitioned for khula (lady’s entitlement to separate) in the family court of Lahore.

Sanam Marvi Files For 'Khula' From Hamid Ali

Sanam Marvi is a Pakistani Folk and Sufi artist. She sings in Sindhi, Punjabi, and Balochi dialects. Sanam Marvi’s childhood was brimming with hardships and neediness. Marvi began getting music training at 7 years old. She belongs to a Sindhi Family. Her Father, Gulsher Tewino, was additionally a Sindhi society artist. She took music training from madam Abida Parveen.

She is hitched to Hamid Ali Khan. They have three youngsters. She first married Aftab Ahmed Pharero, also known as Aftab Ahmed Kalhoro was killed in Karachi in 2009. They had hitched in 2006 however had been irritated for a long time preceding his passing. She was Aftab’s second wife.

“Hamid Ali began manhandling and tormenting me before the children. I endured maltreatment from my better half for my children,” she said. And now she files for khula from him.

She mentioned the court to issue the khula order as she can’t live with her better half any longer.

It might be noted here that Sanam Marvi got hitched to Hamid Ali in 2009 after her previous spouse Aftab Ahmed was killed in Karachi that year.


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