Salman Ahmad tests positive for coronavirus-19- Details Inside!

Pakistani famed singer, Salman Ahmad, who is a Pakistani-American musician, physician, rock guitarist, activist and also a professor at the City University of New York, has earned a lot of fame, respect, love, and recognition in 1998 for his unique singing style that won the hearts of many.

The star is in the self-isolation as he felt mild flu symptoms in New York, United States Of America. The famed singer took the support of social media to announce the health updates.

Salman Ahmad tests positive for coronavirus-19
Salman Ahmad tests positive for coronavirus-19


The star took to his Twitter and shared the news with his fans by saying that the bad news first is he is diagnosed with coronavirus as he tested positive.

However, he further said that the good news is that he has just mild flu-like symptoms. And now he is in the self-isolation in New York, frequently wash hands, inhaling steam and drinks warm water.

Also, he thanked his fans for sending love and prayers to him for his quick recovery. As his fans send him love and prayers after hearing the news.

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