Saif Ali Khan drops the idea of his autobiography-Here’s why?

Bollywood megastar Saif Ali Khan earlier revealed that his autobiography is in the works, and his fans got excited to know about it. 

However, the actor may be having a second thought to drop this idea as he talked to fellow star Jacqueline Fernandez and Amanda Cerny in a podcast about considering to drop the idea.

Saif Ali Khan

He further went on to say that someone asked him to do a book, and he might wimp out because it takes a lot of time and needs too much work to do it properly, and then a person should be honest as well, that will probably disturb some people.

“Honestly, I don’t know if I am prepared to put myself through the 100% abuse that’s going to come my way,” he added.

He felt sorry to say it, he doesn’t think the general audience and not just general- but there will be a part of the audience that’s so negative in India that he doesn’t want to share his life and talk about things.

He then revealed the reason why he canceled the idea to do a book. “When I was walking today, part of the book should describe what I was feeling and thinking looking at these trees and thinking about how lucky we are to be shooting in Himachal, and it’s not really.”

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