Saba Qamar pens down her thoughts over coronavirus outbreak

As the infectious disease coronavirus increases day by day and it affects thousands of people across the globe, showbiz celebrities take part in raising awareness regarding the novel disease among the masses of society. However, Pakistan’s leading actress, Saba Qamar has taken the support of social media and penned down her thoughts over coronavirus outbreak that has shaken the entire world.

Saba Qamar pens down her thoughts over coronavirus outbreak
Saba Qamar pens down her thoughts over coronavirus outbreak


The actress took to her Instagram handle and shared an intricate note wherein she addressed people across the globe.

Saba Qamar also praised the doctors and the medical staff who continuously worked day and night to save the lives of thousands of people across the globe.

Check out her post and read the note below!

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Dear world, we are in a situation where we need to be together to fight this pandemic. #Covid19 is growing rapidly and we have to play our part. So what to do now? Well, the part we can play is to self quarantine and contain ourself at our places. By this we are doing great favour to the humanity! We just not have to protect ourselves but our community as well. While doing that don't forget those in need, we all can help them by donating a little amount to the people who cannot sit back home without working, so if we pay them some amount they can also save themselves and their families from this serious issue that we are facing right now. A huge round applause to all the doctors around the globe for serving the patients and still working for all of us, let's all just help them by sitting back at our homes and maintaining the social distance. A little precaution can save us from a big trouble. Here are some tips to make yourself busy in self isolation. (this is also what I am doing these days) – Wash hands regularly -Take Shower – Pray – Do Yoga – Watch movies/Seasons – Learn new better things from YouTube informative videos Remember we all can beat this pandemic just by fighting with this together, we are all in this together and let's all get out of this TOGETHER, this too shall pass ~ Insha Allah 🙂

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In a note, the actress also shared some useful tips to keep yourself busy while self-quarantine period. She advised wash hands and take bath regularly. Also, do yoga, pray, watch movies, and also learn new things or watch informative sessions or tutorials from YouTube.

Remember, all people are in the same boat as everyone battling with coronavirus. All humans are together and let’s fight together against it, this too shall pass. Inshaa’Allah.

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