Royal Family can’t control Prince Harry & Meghan Markle- Details Inside!

The Royal family is living in fear as they are concerned about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Royal family members are worried as they can’t control Harry and Meghan Markle, since they returned back to the monarchy in early 2020.

Royal Family

Royal historian, Dr. Edward Owens shared that the Royal family is concerned about their lack of authority over the Sussex.

During an interview with Express UK, he further went on to say that there will be some anxiousness at court… they are going to be more concerned.

This is another matter that family members cant’ control. They didn’t know that they have to face the music whenever the couple turned back to monarchy. Dr. Edward Owens added.

The family is going to celebrate Prince William, Catherine (The Duchess of Cambridge) and their young royal family is in direct opposition to Harry’s narrative statements. Read more…

Earlier in July 2021, Prince Harry announced that he is going to write an intimate and heartfelt autobiography about his life.

However, the experts revealed that they are anxious about their lack of authority over the Sussexes.

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