Riz Ahmed to debut theatre piece about his ‘toxic breakup’

One of the most acclaimed actors & musicians, Riz Ahmed to debut theatre piece about his ‘toxic break up’.The star is all set to bring the World premiere of a debut theatre play to Manchester,  UK. The theatre play will explore his tangled relationship with Britain.

The theatre play titled ‘The Long Goodbye’ was commissioned by the Manchester International Festival, which elaborated as a close-up look at the breakup of a toxic relationship with the country, and he will feature new songs. reported by the Guardian.

Riz Ahmed to debut theatre piece about his 'toxic breakup'

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‘The Long Goodbye’ will also have a narrative component and has been defined as ‘bracing and emotional.’

However, in 2017, Riz Ahmed cautioned that the lack of diversity on British television could drive young individuals to Isis. People who have minority backgrounds will “shut down and retreat to the fringe accounts, to create a stir on social media and even some cases, even off to Syria” because their stories were not represented on screen.

Later, in 2017, Riz Ahmed was invited to become Oscar’s voting body member.

Earlier, he wrote about his battle against being cast in the British and Hollywood systems and was added on Time Magazine’s annual ‘Time 100 list in 2017’, which was selected out of the 100 most influential people in the world.

The musician Riz Ahmed is so passionate about his upcoming debut theatre play, even he can’t wait to go to Manchester to share the world premiere of this live experience.

John Mc Grath, who is the director and CEO of the Manchester International Festival, is also satisfied to work with Riz Ahmed to debut his new theatre play titled ‘The Long Goodbye’ in Manchester.

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