Rihanna decides to open Savage X Fenty Store in 2022

The most popular singer, Rihanna is planning to do something bigger next year. Rihanna is planning to open Savage X Fenty Store in 2022. People are looking forward to going to a physical store instead of buying anything online.

In a recent interview, Bloomberg Christiane Pendarvis, known as Co-President and Chief Merchandising and Design officer of Savage X Fenty, confirmed that the brand is going to set its physical presence in 2022.

Rihanna decides to open Savage X Fenty Store in 2022

She further added that fitness and comfort are most important that only some customers are worried about buying anything online.

Additionally, she discussed the location of the store, it’s all in the US, but gradually, it will expand in the EU, read more… [1]Florida News-Times

In August, Forbes announced that the music sensation, Rihanna had officially reached millionaire status. Her music and her brands including Savage X Fenty were some of them that helped her to reach the peak of success and she becomes a millionaire.

While promoting Savage X Fenty’s latest fashion show, Rihanna discussed her financial position and New York Times. She said that it’s tricky because she knows where she is from and it’s hard to even accept…


1 Florida News-Times

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