REUNION: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are inseparable at the moment

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have a brief history behind them. They are nicknamed “Bennifer” by their fans. They are reportedly seen together probably dating and their fans are so excited.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, seeing as they dated in the early 2000s and later called off their engagement in 2004 which clearly made Jennifer suffer a lot because she didn’t want to break up with Ben.

Jennifer was heartbroken by the split, according to Page Six, “always saw Ben as the one that got away”, the source further added: “She was crushed after they broke up, though she felt at the time that she had no other choice but to call off their engagement.”

“As hot and heavy as their relationship was, they were on very different paths at the end of it,” the source continued. “Jennifer was ready to settle down and have kids, but Ben wasn’t keen on giving up his bachelor lifestyle just yet. In the end, she got tired of waiting for him to come around—even though it broke her heart to end things.”


It was a sad-ended love story before but things are getting back to normal after 17 years. Jennifer and Ben are thriving as a couple. Recently, an E! News source reported that Jennifer and Ben “are inseparable, and it’s going really well. (She) has never been happier and knows it was meant to be.”

A source told People “And that’s not all either—Jennifer is introducing her kids to Ben slowly but surely, and it’s going swimmingly! Jennifer’s 13-year-old twins, Emme and Max, “are slowly getting to know Ben.”

The source continued, “They enjoyed a Sunday family dinner together….Everyone seemed great and had fun,” a second source said, adding, “Ben and [Jennifer’s] kids seemed comfortable together. The kids kept chatting with Ben. Ben seemed great.”

We are so excited and eager to see what comes next. Bennifer fans are putting pressure on the couple to make things official.

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