Reality Star Stephen Bear Jailed 21 Months for OnlyFans Sex Video

Stephen Bear, a reality TV star and winner of “Celebrity Big Brother,” has been sentenced to 21 months in prison by a U.K. court. Bear was found guilty of voyeurism and disclosing private sexual images with the intention of causing distress after sharing CCTV footage of himself having sex with his then-girlfriend, Love Island star Georgia Harrison, on the OnlyFans website. Harrison, who has appeared on shows such as “The Only Way Is Essex” and “Olivia Meets Her Match,” waived her anonymity for the court case.

According to the court, the sexual encounter between Stephen Bear and Love Island star Georgia Harrison was consensual and occurred in August 2020, but Harrison was unaware that it was being recorded. She later discovered that the video was being circulated online.

The court also imposed a five-year restraining order on Bear to prevent him from contacting Harrison, and he must register as a sex offender. Harrison expressed that the incident was her “worst nightmare” and made her feel physically ill.

“As if the pain of having to know all my friends, young siblings, parents, family, and colleagues past and present were aware of it wasn’t bad enough, I had to deal with him ridiculing me on social media,” Harrison told the court. [1]Source

“You intended to maximize the distress and humiliation of Georgia Harrison. That is evidenced by the continued availability of video after Georgia had requested you take it down. By making it available on your OnlyFans site, the video circulated widely and publicly.” Judge Christopher Morgan told Bear.


1 Source

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