Police have released Maria B’s husband on bail-Details Inside!

Pakistan’s well-known fashion designer, Maria B’s husband was arrested for sending coronavirus infected cook to his home. The police took away from his house.

Now after proper investigation, Maria B’s husband, Tahir Saeed released on bail. Just after a few hours of taking him into custody, police informed higher authorities that his cook tested positive for the coronavirus.

Police have released Maria B's husband on bail
Police have released Maria B’s husband on bail


Police arrested Tahir Saeed from his house for hiding the test reports of his servant and sent him to his village -Vihari. An FIR was lodged against him.

The servant and brought Lahore from Vihari. Also, he shifted to the City’s Meo Hospital and kept him under isolation.

The spokesperson said that the servant had met a lot of people during traveling and his village, Karam Pur as well. This way, the number of people can be affected and that’s why the entire village will have to be isolated due to the criminal act of Maria B’s husband, Tahir Saeed.

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