PISA 2020 Gets Slammed By Nominated Celebrities-Why?

The Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA) 2020 which are set to occur today have pulled in criticism for bungle in managing certain entertainers nominated in significant categories. Bulbulay star Nabeel Zafar took to social media in which he lashed out at PISA for utilizing his name for advancement and afterward neglecting to make travel courses of action at last. PISA 2020 gets slammed by nominated celebrities.


The on-screen character also shared an image of the welcome which shows that he was assigned in the classification for the Best entertainer in a comic role for his performance in Bulbulay. “In my long-year-old profession, once in a while have I been seen on the award shows. A significant purpose behind that will be that I don’t feel any of them are believable. Anyway I chose to give PISA a possibility thinking about that it’s being touted as worldwide honors, they would hold greater believability contrasted with others,” Nabeel revealed to The Express Tribune.

PISA 2020 Gets Slammed By Nominated Celebrities-Why

Nabeel's Post

He proceeded to include that the entire experience appeared to be an affront to him. “This is totally rude. On one hand, they are utilizing my name to advance the occasion and on the other, they are not making auspicious courses of action for a ticket. While this is occurring they flew certain female superstars, the greater part of whom are not really known on personal jets. This didn’t simply occur with me. It occurred with a few different on-screen characters, some of whom are veterans in the business,” he included.

Nadia Afghan who is designated for Outstanding work as an on-screen character in a parody job, for her exhibition in Suno Chanda, confronted a comparable issue. “I have an inclination that in case you’re not an Insta star you’re not an Insta star. (No issue how hard you work, how great of an on-screen character you are) its no utilization in case you’ve dealt with like this,” Afgan disclosed to The Express Tribune.

As indicated by her she was first informed of her nomination by PR while going for a Tv serial in Bahawalpur. ” I needed to move my shooting dates when I was informed that I would be flying on the sixth of February. My significant other even reserved a ticket for himself to go with me for the award show”, she shouted.

Anyway as the date drew nearer, Afghan was first told by the PR organization that she would get a ticket soon, and in the long run, ghosted.

“We needed to go in the night around 2:30 AM to drop my better half’s ticket. I was so disturbed and felt so offended. How might your individuals do this? First, you designate me, request my reports at that point to keep me holding tight. I even had like my dress made by Yosuf Bashir Qureshi. It was such misuse of my time. I feel so furious at these individuals. I am disturbed by their conduct. I didn’t request that they name me. I didn’t request that they welcome me to Dubai.” she said.

Adnan Shah Tipu who was also named for his performance in Suno Chanda noticed that around 40 individuals including himself confronted a similar issue. “Nabeel, Rehan and Hina Dilpazeer. The equivalent occurred with every one of them. They were completely selected yet didn’t get the tickets yet their name in was utilized in advancement,” Tipu said.

“To the extent, I recall that I have never confronted such an issue. You can call whomever you need that is up to you. Jo log candidates hein unko aap tickets nahi bhej rahay aur jinka iss kaam sey lena dena nahi hai unko aap bula rahay hein (All those that are assigned, you aren’t sending them a ticket and those that have nothing to do with it, you are pleasing them)” he said.

On-screen character Osman Khalid Butt in a twitter post uncovered that he alongside Ahmed Ali Akber and Saqib Malik were likewise censured for the PISAs at last.

Body Beat PR CEO Hasan Rizvi has apologized for the entire experience certain chosen people needed to confront.

“There was a finished miscommitment on passes to our regarded visitors and VIPs. We didn’t get the tickets from the administration for different reasons including flights being totally full. Anyway, as BBPR was liable for reaching the visitors please treat this as formal conciliatory sentiment for the blunder of this. Our aim was never to slight any of our visitors. We hold every single of our visit with the most noteworthy respect” Rizvi revealed to The Express Tribune.

He proceeded to include that PISA was another stage with “getting teeth issues.” “We trust with time PISA will get greater and greater just to sparkle our nation’s name.,” he said.

However, mismanagement is the reason that PISA 2020 gets slammed by nominated celebrities.

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