Pictures: Deepika Padukone flashes 'Middle Finger' at the Paparazzi from the set of Pathaan

Pictures: Deepika Padukone flashes ‘Middle Finger’ at the Paparazzi from the set of Pathaan

Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone are shooting for their upcoming film Pathaan in Spain. During the shoot, Deepika Padukone flashes the middle finger a the paparazzi from the set of Pathaan.

This act of Deepika seems to be oddly satisfying, as she was upset about her bikini pictures being leaked earlier. The new photos of the stars from Spain have been leaked online.

In the pictures, Deepika is seen wearing a blouse and sarong with Shah Rukh Khan next to her, holding a drink. In another picture captured by the Spanish Paparazzi, Padukone is wearing a thick black coat and seems to be flashing the middle finger at the paps.

Many fans wondered if she was upset about the photos of herself in a swimsuit last week being leaked online.

A paparazzo account on Instagram shared these pictures with the caption, “Deepika Padukone’s gesture probably directed at those who took photos of the shoot from the public street.”

Pathaan will release in January 2023 directed by Siddharth Anand, It marks Shah Rukh Khan’s return to Bollywood after almost five years. His last outing was Zero in 2018.


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