Patty Perez dies at the age of 57 due to diabetes

The renowned star, Patty Perez got famed after portraying the role of Goddess Patty in the most-watched, most popular Jackass films. She died at the age of 57 due to diabetes.

Patty Perez’s daughter confirmed the death news of her mother, shared to TMZ. Furthermore, her daughter shared that Patty took her last breath last Friday at a hospital, located in Reno, Nevada, USA.

Patty Perez dies at the age of 57 due to diabetes

Her daughter, Priscilla further reported that her mother was being treated for having complications related to type-1 diabetes. She had been treating since her birth.

Perez’s kidneys were infected and as a result, kidneys were failing. She was battling with her weight and health since a long.

Her daughter confirmed that coronavirus-19 was not the reason for her mum’s death.

Priscilla told the American media outlet by saying thanks for expressing love and prayers over her life’s biggest loss. Read more

Not many people know about the generous lady who became famous for appearing in the ‘Jackass 2’ in 2006 and also starred in Jackass 2.5’ in 2007.

The legendary star rose to fame after being a part of the movie named where she’s make Wee Man – American stunt performer Jason Acuna.

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