On New Year’s Eve Shahid Afridi has a message for people

On New Year's Eve Shahid Afridi has a message for people

Former cricketer Shahid Afridi aka Lala requested and urged the people to refrain from aerial firing on New Year’s Eve. Afridi made a video appealing passionately to people to stay calm and celebrate New Year with love, not with blind gunfire.

Shahid Afridi took this stance because, in the past, aerial gunfires especially on such occasions made a tremendous loss of human lives in several Pakistani cities. It causes a number of deaths every year.

“Children become orphans, women are widowed, and mothers left bereft of their children. This brutality cannot be labeled as a celebration,” according to a report.

SSP Zubair Nazeer is a part of a campaign against celebratory aerial gunfires, which have already been declared illegal. Cricketer Shahid Afridi recorded a video message for the people of Pakistan urging them to avoid/refrain the aerial gunfires on New Year’s Eve.

Afridi said, “On the behalf of the Additional IG Karachi and the South Police, I request all of you that please don’t celebrate the New Year in a way that leads to the loss of so many lives because of gunfire,”

“Celebrate the New Year with love and by caring about each other,” he said.


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