Nimra Ali says TikTokers using Nikkah to get famous

Nimra Ali is an actress, model, anchor, and host. Her short interview video went viral overnight and she gained instant popularity. In that video, Nimra Ali was talking whole-heartedly and non-stop. People started likening her immediately and appreciated her pure sense of nature.

From then on, Nimra Ali was getting lots and lots of attention and became the cutest model. Nimra signed new project contracts with different photographers, interviewers, and appeared in the ‘Good Morning Pakistan with Nida Yasir’ show.

Nimra Ali influenced the young generation and urged them to be themselves. Just as recently she shared her perspective regarding TikTokers.

Nimra Ali says TikTokers are using Nikkah to get famous. Here is what said, “Nikkah is sunnah but pre/post wedding parties shoots expensive clothes are Not.”

Source: Instant Lollywood on Instagram.

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