Nicole Richie’s hair on fire during celebrating 40th birthday

Nicole Richie has been making headlines after celebrating her 40th birthday. During her birthday dinner, her hair was on the fire. It seems she’s probably wishing for a fire extinguisher on her 40th birthday.

On Tuesday, the actress celebrated her birthday with her friends as they arranged a dinner. She shared a video of herself wherein she can be seen blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. She turned 40.

Nicole Richie's hair on fire during celebrating 40th birthday

Everything was going well during the birthday dinner party until she reached the last candle…and blow a little too close to the fire. Suddenly, a fire blazed on her hair.

Some stray strands of her light hairs flame below, and the fire quickly spread on her shoulder and body. In the video, you can see the other side of her head might have caught fire too, but someone quickly put it out.

However, the right side is still burned as it quickly attacked her hair and shoulder. Right after that she started screaming and tried to put out. The video has cropped and you can’t find out more about what happens next.

But, at this point, we can assume that the American television personality, Nicole Richie is okay. Check out her video at TMZ portal.

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