Nick Cannon’s therapist proposes to be single after having 7 kids

An American actor, television personality, rapper, and comedian, Nick Cannon is now a father of seven children. He has no desire to stop having babies as he wants a big family. But his therapist has another plan as he proposes to be single after having 7 kids.

Nick Cannon- Talented Star

According to New York Daily News, Nick Cannon, a father of seven, revealed that his therapist believes that after having four babies should practice singleness. He thinks Cannon should slow down.

On Friday at night, Nick Cannon told Entertainment, His therapist says, he should be single, and he should think about it. But Cannon depends on God’s will!!!

Nick Cannon has welcomed a baby named Zen from his wife Alyssa Scott in July. Alyssa Scott is a model. The couple feels proud of having a seventh baby in their family.

During the conversation, Cannon revealed that he comes from a large family, has a few siblings. he has been raised in an unconventional family by his forefathers. He has a desire of having a large family with several kids.

Despite his various work commitments, he always takes time out for his babies. His kids come first. And he is thankful to God for everything he has achieved.

He further shared, he always gives them full attention. Cannon considers them a beauty that protects him from troubles. He loves to enjoy playing with kids.

Earlier this month, the paparazzi caught Nick extending their best wishes to his children. However, Nick is relying on God’s planning.

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