New York Photographer takes legal action against J.Lopez-Here’s why?

One of the most talented Hollywood stars, Jennifer Lopez, who is not just an actress, yet a great singer, dancer, a producer, and a fashion designer, has landed in the fire. Recently, the New York photographer had taken legal action against Jennifer Lopez over her 2017 Instagram post.

In 2017, the actress shared a photo of herself on her Instagram account and the New York photographer files lawsuit against her over the post.

New York Photographer takes legal action against J.Lopez
New York Photographer takes legal action against J.Lopez

The singer, who is under fire because of the photographer Steve Sands, hails from New York, has accused J.Lo and her production company of copyright issues. The photographer has demanded $150,000 to pay his loss.

The photographer claimed that the photo was captured by him and the singer used that photo for the purpose of promoting her brand without seeking consent or paying any amount. Reported by entertainment website.

The singer shared the photo with over 119 million followers on her Instagram account. Reported by the media outlet. The photo garnered more than 656,000 likes at the time of posting the photo.

However, the photographer has filed a case against Jennifer Lopez for the copyright issue in a federal court in New York.

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