Netflix’ latest series ‘Squid Game’ will be the biggest show of the year

Netflix fans are waiting to watch the much-awaited Korean series titled ‘Squid Game’. It is said that the latest English series will be the biggest show of the year 2021. This South Korean series has gone viral on social media platforms.

Netflix' latest series 'Squid Game' will be the best of the year
A scene from Netflix’ latest series ‘Squid Game’

Netflix’ ‘Squid Game’ is a South Korean fictional drama series in which participants who are deeply in debt play children’s games to win cash. The Killer series is on the way!

The first trailer has been out and goes viral on social media platforms. Check it out!


The Korean series is much like the South Korean film titled ‘Parasite’ which became the first foreign film that won the Best Picture Academy Award at the 92nd Oscars held in 2020. [1]lastbreakingnewsvideo


1 lastbreakingnewsvideo

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