Nancy Grace determines Gabby Petito’s cause of death

Gabby Petito’s death story has become a hot issue these days as investigations are still going on to find out the real culprit. Higher Police Authorities are still looking for the reason behind Gabby’s sudden disappearance and death. Following this, Nancy Grace, a well-known television celebrity determined the cause of Gabby’s death.

Nancy Grace determines Gabby Petito’s cause of death

While investigating, Nancy Grace said, wildlife animals and other elements in Wyoming, can be the cause of Gabby’s death. Not confirmed yet.

On Tuesday, 21st Sept 2021, the author and HLN host, Grace joined TMZ live, and said, the higher authorities will further investigate the actual death cause how Gabby died… or whether her beau, Laundrie was involved in the whole story.

Moreover, it is reported that the dead body was found with wildlife animals and other weather elements’ marks that completely damaged her body. That’s the reason, Grace determined this as her death cause.

She further went on to say that there’s a lot of wild animals in that area where Gabby’s dead body was found, and it’s possible that wild creatures could have destroyed her body.

In addition, she said that if authorities were able to find a tattoo on Gabby’s left arm and right forearm, it’s possible her skin was still undamaged. Well, all these were guesses to identify her death cause.

Still, Brian Laundrie is missing. It is reported that he avoids sharing any information with higher authorities, but they are in search of him.

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