Murderer Zahir Jaffar Confesses to Killed Noor Mukadam, Police Say

Zahir Jaffar Arrested for Murder of Noor Mukadam, Former Diplomat's Daughter in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: In the murder case of former diplomat’s daughter, Noor Mukadam, Zahir Jaffar has confessed to the killing.

According to reports, the accused has given many reasons for the murder in his statements during the investigation.
Police have also obtained video evidence of the torture on Noor.

Murderer Zahir Jaffar confessed to killing Noor Mukadam before the investigators, according to the sources. However, Jaffar has been changing his statement for murdering her.

The video evidence against the murderer Zahir Jaffar while he was brutally torturing the girl is collected by Islamabad police.

It was learned that Noor Mukadam managed to run away from the balcony and hid inside the security guard’s cabin but Zahir Jaffer chased her and dragged her out of the guard’s cabin. Sources said that security guards were present there but no one stopped Jaffer from torturing the girl. -Source

“There were more people present who had witnessed Noor Mukadam being dragged by him. Zahir Jaffer had tortured Noor consistently for three hours,” sources revealed the terrorizing findings of the murder case’s probe.


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